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Our dedicated workforce, up to date manufacturing techniques and a keen focus on customer satisfaction enable us to deliver top of the line plastic products while fostering long term business partnerships. We value your time and money by ensuring the provision of added value to your investments. Your trust in us has warranted IJ Plastic Industries PVT. LTD. to expand its operations to three manufacturing units which allow us to meet your growing demand of plastic.


Stretch Wrap allows the manufacturers and distributors to unitize their product while protecting it from damage. This lowers admin cost and is the current industry preference when it comes to shipping goods.

Wrapping of silage offers highly nutritious and quality fodder. In addition to this, it lowers labor requirements and investment costs while enhancing feed flexibility. Farmers can easily and cost-effectively feed herds.​

In order to be recognized as ‘Bio-degradable’, the shrink wrap should be capable of decomposing when it comes in contact with bacteria or micro-organisms, that too in natural conditions. The bi products should be water, CO2 and biomass. 


Reflective Silage Film is crucial to conservation of crops/fodder. The black color is conducive to absorb heat from the sun and accelerates the melting of snow, while covering the area in night, rain and snow. The white side prevents the infrared, which is assimilated inside the cover, to disseminate to the outside. 

Lamination film have extrusion coated surface with low melting resin to be used for wet and dry lamination. It enables the film to be used for multiple packaging solutions, to provide longevity and protection. We provide customized solutions which are best suited to your requirements.

Light Shrink Film Price in Pakistan

Light Shrink Film

Available in Multiple Sizes

Light Shrink Film is designed to protect and package objects with irregular shapes. It is commonly used to pack a single product. Also, it is used to bundle multiple products together like food items, water bottles and soda. We ensure high clarity with excellent optics providing appeal to your products. 

Performance Shrink Film Price in Pakistan

Performance Shrink Film

Available in Multiple Sizes

Performance Shrink Film is a heavy duty shrink film, specially designed for heavy goods, heavy stacking and multi packaging. It is an economical and reliable packaging choice as compared to cartons and crates. Performance Shrink Films are elastic, puncture resistant, have higher tensile strength, durable and have high clarity. Our performance shrink film has an overall better shrink performance, seal strength and are able to run on high speed machines.

Cling Film Price in Pakistan

Cling Film

Available in Multiple Sizes

Cling Film is a thin plastic film used widely to wrap and cover the food while keeping it fresh, warm and protected against dust. Cling Films manufactured at IJ Plastic are flexible, strong and adhesive. Our cling films are excellent for maintaining the temperature of the food items by keeping the heat preserved and are also usable in fridge. These clear and glossy wrapping films retain moisture but are fog repellent i.e. break water drops to maintain good clarity.

Mulch Film Price in Pakistan

Mulch Film

Available in Multiple Sizes

Mulching is an agricultural technique that involves covering the soil with special films, mostly polyethene, to prevent contamination of the crops and the soil from atmospheric agents, which can dry the ground, deteriorate fruits, cool the earth and displace fertilizers, thus it is necessary for vegetative development. Extensive benefits of mulch films include modifying soil temperature, limiting weed growth, preventing moisture loss consequently improving crop yield.


Mesh Bags Price in Pakistan

Mesh Bags

Available in Multiple Sizes

Mesh bags are the best choice for products that demand “high breathability” and strength. Due to high tensile strength and net like weaving, these bags are capable of carrying goods like fruits, vegetables and wood in bulk while ensuring freshness due to proper ventilation that allow the product to breathe and get sufficient sunlight. You can also see the products stored inside without opening the bag. Mesh bags are lightweight and highly economical as compared to traditional jute bags.

Hermetic Bags Price in Pakistan

Hermetic Bags

Available in Multiple Sizes

Hermetic bags contain an inner rubber lining in which grains are placed and sealed, keeping them airtight. This completely stops oxygen and moisture to come in contact with the grains. They work under the principle that the bio-generated modified atmosphere created by the metabolic activities of organisms is present in the commodities. Air tight technology of our export quality Hermetic bags discourages the induction of aflatoxins into the crop meant to be stored for a longer period of time.

Poly Bags Price In Pakistan

Poly Bags

Available in Multiple Sizes

Polyethylene is a popular choice for different packaging solutions because of its versatility. It can have diverse uses from packaging food to small parts to building supplies. manufactured at different densities to give the bags unique properties, strengths, and uses. Polypropylene is also highly valued for its clarity and tensile strength. Most of the bags are made of low-density polyethylene which is characterized by good clarity, and high elongation. They are made from virgin resin to ensure quality and great clarity. 


PP Bucket Price in Pakistan

PP Bucket

Available in 3 Colors and 4 Sizes

Due to being economical, light weight and serving a range of storage needs, PP buckets have become one of the most widely used storage containers over the decade. Qualities like tough texture, high strength, impact resistance, easy handling and easy transportation with a long service life, makes these buckets an ideal choice for residential and commercial storage needs.