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We take pride in serving industry leaders to meet their plastic requirements. Our keen focus on supply chain innovation and quality control sustenance has enabled us to become a market leader.

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We started our journey 30 years ago when the foundation of our first manufacturing plant was laid. Throughout this journey, our commitment to providing top-quality products to fulfill packaging requirements and our clientele’s belief in our vision has made us a leading supplier of packaging materials. Our focus on mutual growth motivates us to invest our time and resources in improving our state-of-the-art facilities and the technical development of our hardworking team.     

Our dedicated workforce, up to date manufacturing techniques and a keen focus on customer satisfaction enable us to deliver top of the line plastic products while fostering long term business partnerships. We value your time and money by ensuring the provision of added value to your investments. Your trust in us has warranted IJ Plastic Industries PVT. LTD. to expand its operations to three manufacturing units which allow us to meet your growing demand of plastic.

Silage Stretch Wrap Price in Pakistan

Silage Stretch Wrap

Our silage stretch wrap has low oxygen and water permeability, and high puncture resistance which increases the life of bale. 

Mesh Bags Price in Pakistan

Mesh Bags

Mesh Bags allow the food to breathe and do not suffocate the produce. It keeps it fresh and also hold up more weight than plastic.

Reflective Silage Film

Reflective films are primarily used as reflective covers for produce. It ensures the preserving of nutrients and is effective against moisture and weed.

Stretch Wrap Price in Pakistan

Stretch Wrap

Using stretch wrap in packaging ensures product safety and increases the efficiency of handling and shipping. It also ensures decreased pilferage as the unit of the product would have to be unwrapped first.

Hermetic Bags Manufacturer Supplier Pakistan

Hermetic Bags

Hermetic Bags keeps the grain sealed off from the air which does not allow the moisture to be absorbed from the outside. The air-tight bags also keep the grain safe from insect damage. 


PP Bucket

Due to its non-toxic properties it is best suited for food and beverage industry. PP containers are durable and secure and can take significant damage.

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Our production capacity exceeds 200 tons every month.

We use virgin polymers to ensure food grade application and top quality.

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